Friday, 17 July 2015

Consultants vs Wealth Creators - Stick vs Carrot

Ok, so the Government is telling us that they want a 7 day a week NHS, and they're not afraid to use force to get it. And, while they're at it, they're going to make striking all but impossible... a bit like finding an MP that fulfilled the conditions they're going to set on the unions to get elected, but we'll leave that one for another day.

With this show of force to get consultants to tow the proverbial line and give the people what they want (allegedly), we see in interesting difference of approach. Let's, for fun have a little comparison with the erstwhile mentioned wealth creators, those helpful millionaires and billionaires that make everything in our economy possible (whilst workers merely look pretty).

Wealth Creators can't be forced to pay more tax (or pay tax at all) because:

  • It will cost jobs and money as they will move their businesses abroad.
  • They will move to other countries in order to maintain their quality of life.
  • We'll lose the best talent to countries where they can make more money.
  • There isn't a huge pool of talent that can do what they do.
  • Lives will be ruined by a lack of jobs.
Seems fair enough, so let's move on...

Consultants can be forced to work weekends because:

  • It will create jobs and save money because everyone will take up new contracts working more hours.
  • They won't move into a different career or to another employer that lets them maintain their quality of life.
  • The best talent won't be enticed to other countries where pay and conditions may be better.
  • There is a huge pool of talented consultants just waiting to fill any gaps... we're knee deep in them.
  • Lives won't be ruined by a lack of consultants, or by overworked consultants making errors. 
But... wait a minute... that's the opposite of what we said for wealth creators. Is somebody in Government telling (or at least perpetuating) porkies? Heaven forfend!!!

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