Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Wealth Creation

There's a term that has been bothering me on and off of late. It's one that the Tories and, to a lesser degree, my own party has been throwing around to describe successful business people. It is the term "Wealth Creators".

My issue with the term is simple. It isn't possible for an individual to create wealth in the way that is being suggested. Every individual within a business or within the economy is engaged in, and responsible for, the process of wealth creation. This includes those whose only contribution is the spending of benefits payments in their local retail outlets, thus contributing to their profits and cycling money back to Government via VAT.

The super rich, and leading business people might better be described as wealth moons. It seems silly, but consider this. The moon does not create the sea (wealth), but it does control its ebb and flow. It can drag it from one shore to another without any moral imperative in what it does. That certainly sounds like big business, and successful business people, to me. One should also say we don't necessarily judge the moon for its part in this cycle of life.

Of course in this scenario, I can't help but feel the rest of us are like the pebbles on the beach. When the tide is in we are protected from the harsh rays of the sun, but the consequence is we're battered against the shore and worn down to nothing. We may also end up cast adrift or be washed up onto another shore. And, of course, we can be thrown far up the beach where the sea no longer coats us and we're exposed to the harsh glare of the sun. It's an analogy that interests me.