Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Letter: Lib Dems hail Thatcher’s EU destiny - My Comment

So I cleverly added my name to a letter about the positives of Europe, which you can read at

As you'd expect, it got a few comments (mostly taking the mick), but I decided to throw in my comment for good measure:

"Interesting way of putting it by the Telegraph. I read it as, "even a PM as damaging as Maggie saw the importance of Europe", hence signing the letter. Yeah I'm one of those Limp Dims or whatever other nickname you want to use.

It's a nice little attempt at myth busting, but there is a wider issue. People are pissed off about a lot of things, most of which involve being or feeling poorer or feeling threatened. I don't take any issue with that. I feel it too.

My wages have literally halved since 2010 and I come from a family of carpenters, taxi drivers, handy men and teachers, so I know what hard graft is. I know what being skint is too. I know we are being dumped on by the rich as well.

I also know that arguing about crumbs while some fat cat gets to stuff his face full of cake is just plain stupid. Europe has problems, immigration may not be the cure for all our ills, but it's the rich that are really shafting us, through our own MPs.

So yeah, I want my fellow human beings to be able to move to where they like and get paid. I want some stuff handled locally, and some handled by the EU or the UN. But most of all I want people to recognise that they're attacking the wrong target.

So I say get a grip of your humanity people and stop letting the media and UKIP trick you with some fake boogeyman in Europe or Asia. Recognise that the Devil is already on your doorstep, and he's already taken almost everything you have."

Update: After a response that actually sort to engage in a debate I posted this follow up.

"We're facing the biggest threat to the wellbeing of the whole world since World War 2, and you're completely off about the source.

The undercutting you talk about is only possible because of big business, poor Government, and the acceptance of greed as a creed in the 80's. It has nothing to do with where someone was lucky/unlucky enough to be born and whether they get to move.

The 1% have got rich off the back of every workforce in the world, and our "fair working conditions" are a cosy little myth. What's fair in anyone earning hundreds of times what their employees do? Absolutely nothing! And it didn't start with New Labour.

We can sit here and argue over whether we want to share the ever smaller crumbs we get, or we can deal with the actual problem. The world needs to recognise that everyone has the right to a decent living, and it won't happen while we turn out backs on people.

Having a history of shooting first and handing back the slaves later doesn't give us divine right. The fact that the West invented a game involving trading bits of paper and stacked the odds against everyone else doesn't make us better people.

We can fight to keep what little we have from those who have even less than we do through a simple trick of fate, or we can fight to make sure everyone has their fair share. I choose the latter."

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