Monday, 15 September 2014

The simple joys of working with images

It's never ceases to amaze me how enjoyable the most simple tasks can be if you've got the right tools. A classic example is the two screenshots below. These screenshots are the result of a request for help and about two hours work.

The first picture is how this website looked in 2013. It was using a stock skin that probably hadn't been changed since 2010. The skin, while in no way ugly, had begun to look and feel a bit dated. This was mainly due to the lack of big images in my view.

Fast forward to today and things are a different . Through the simple expedient of selecting a new skin, adding some CSS overrides to various elements, and sourcing the right image for the job, this website looks totally different.

Design wise it may not win any awards, but the site now looks and feels like it has an emphasis on the local area. I've made sure that a large image is at the centre of the design, and the local party have helped by using large images within their content.

I really enjoyed the couple of hours it took to give this site a face-lift, and the site administrator seemed very grateful for the effort. You don't always have to enjoy your day job, but when you do it's quite a special thing.

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