Monday, 25 March 2013

Making it more difficult to get something for nothing

Today David Cameron told us that immigrants would no longer be allowed to get something for nothing. Strangely I didn't find myself rejoicing at the public money it would save or the strong message it would send etc...

The initial reason for my lack of joy was simple. Our circumstances as human beings are created by four things in my view. Genetics, our environment, history and the decisions we make (I'm leaving the Will of God to greater minds). With this in mind, it is difficult for me to resent people whose history and environment encourages them to seek a better life in a place where, to most, being poor is not having access to Sky Sports.

The other reason for my lack of rejoicing was relative. Namely, when one compares the "something"  that any benefits claimant gets, whether a UK national, working, or not to the "something" that bankers got for doing nothing to help our economy and the "something" that genetic accident can confer at birth on the children of the historically rich I'm frankly horrified that David Cameron thinks he has any right at all to comment.

Rant over. Back to sponging off of society as a Cllr... wait a minute... I don't even claim expenses that I don't need...

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