Monday, 25 June 2012

Cameron Strikes Again!

Today David Cameron has again sought to blame the poor and unemployed for the problems of this nation. He claims there’s a culture of entitlement amongst those who claim Housing Benefit, especially the under 25s it seems.

A single person who’s unemployed isn’t better off than someone on minimum wage. Over 35s in Shepway are given around £80pcm less than can be earned on the minimum wage, even when you take into account free prescriptions. Those under 35, because of changes to Housing Benefit, are given a further £150pcm less. Taking housing benefit from under 25s will mean they have about £345pcm to live on, including paying rent and Council Tax.

This is not about a culture of entitlement. David Cameron is relying on two things. Firstly, the poor and unemployed won’t vote. They choose not to as they feel that every Party is lying to them. Secondly, people want someone to blame for their suffering. David Cameron has no intention of making his rich cronies accept their share of the blame so he is using this as a distraction to divide and conquer the public.

The only real solution to this financial crisis is growth and an end to Tax Avoidance and Evasion. The best way to do this, instead of throwing money at the banks, is to give people the means to improve their finances and to spend, by offering cheap loans direct to the public to help them get out of debt permanently.

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